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High-end devices specifically made for gaming are a dream for hardcore gamers. A lot of games nowadays require larger and better hardware to run smoothly. However, to have that, you need to shell out a lot of money. Shadow is a gaming utility software that lets you have a better gaming experience. This app lets you rent a high-end Windows machine fine-tuned to play PC games, with a powerful and dedicated NVIDIA GPU. By rent, it means you can stream them using your own device. With this, you can play PC games without needing to buy better hardware or a completely new computer. 

Access a high-end gaming PC

Game streaming is not a new trick. It is nothing you cannot do with your home PC and a remote access program. More, the big names are already at play. Sony has its PlayStation Now service and NVIDIA has GeForce Now. The advantage of Shadow is that it is in the cloud. You can access it anywhere, provided that you have a fast data connection. Moreover, it is managed remotely, giving you optimum stability and speed. 

There is no limit on the virtual Windows machine, although you cannot change its hardware. The remote machine comes with impressive specs made for gaming. Moreover, its data center's connection is speedy, so you can download even the largest games with almost no delay. However, unlike high-profile game streaming services, you don't actually get any games to go on your Shadow machine. Additionally, like remote PC service, Shadow has no game management interface. You can only switch from full screen to windowed mode—and, of course, launch your games. 

All in all, Shadow works best as a program for gamers with low-power devices. With this app, you can get access and play various fast-paced games without experiencing lags and crashes. It is an interesting way to get more out of your machine


  • Full power remote Windows
  • No restriction on software
  • Fast streaming performance
  • Data center connection is fast


  • No game management interface
  • Storage is a bit small


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Shadow 4.11.32 for PC


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